Car Wash Service in Ottawa

Car Wash in Ottawa

For far too many people, getting their cars washed isn't a priority. It's something they do ahead of going to someplace nice or when they absolutely cannot put it off any longer. This is an unfortunate truth because far too many people don't realize how much of a difference a clean car can make. When your car is clean, you take pride in the vehicle you drive. And didn't the exterior of the car have a huge factor in why you purchased it in the first place? We certainly hope so because what a shame it would be to buy a car that you don't like the look of. But then again, it might explain why you are so reluctant to get it washed. Whatever your reason for procrastinating to get your car cleaned, when you are finally ready to enjoy a freshly cleaned car, get in touch with Diamond Clean Carwash by calling (613) 590-1777 today. Car owners in Ottawa have come to trust Diamond Clean Carwash for the most thorough automotive cleans in the area. So, if your car is suffering from clutter, crumbs or other debris, give us a call today to reserve many of the multiple services we offer for a more comfortable car. Since 2000, Diamond Clean Carwash has been providing professional hand car wash services to all makes and models of vehicles in the Ottawa area. Our goal is to provide consistent, affordable and thorough cleans for all sorts of Ottawa motorists while exclusively using biodegradable and eco-friendly products to make sure your clean car doesn't come with the added cost of harm to the environment. For the best car wash in town, call (613) 590-1777 today and reserve!

The Diamond Clean Process

At Diamond Clean Carwash, we have been doing this long enough that we know as well as anyone that your time is extremely valuable. If you had time to spare, there's no question that you would have gotten your car cleaned sooner or, at the very least, you would have cleaned it yourself. But since free time is hard to come by, we are committed to using ours wisely when you bring your car in for any level of clean thanks to our easy four-step process. First, make your booking. You can book either on this site or by phone. At the agreed upon time, we will conduct an inspection to see what needs to be done. We'll then conduct a valuation before completing your clean to your satisfaction. Our experienced team has received extensive training and has the necessary skills to deliver a clean that exceeds every one of your expectations. What's even more impressive is how we can get you the best clean without using more than a gallon of water and without generating any waste. For an exceptional clean that will make your car sparkle like new, book with Diamond Clean Carwash today. Your comfort begins with cleanliness.

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